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We offer video drain inspection technology in Huntersville, NC to aid in finding leaks and clearing clogs more efficiently.

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      Video Drain Inspection in Huntersville – It used to be that if you had problems with the pipes running from your home to the sewer or septic system, the only way to find the problem was to dig up most of your yard along with your precious landscaping. It could be even worse if part of that was covered with concrete sidewalks, walkways or even your driveway. Thankfully, we now have newer technology to make this process much less invasive.

      At South End Plumbing, we offer video drain inspection technology to aid in finding leaks and clearing clogs more efficiently.

      • Finding Leaks – One of the biggest problems with locating leaks due to a line break failure is that it isn’t always apparent above ground as to where it has occurred. Without video drain inspection technology, this locating process is pretty much trial-and-error, which takes more time and can result in more of your landscaping needing to be repaired afterwards.
      • Clearing Clogs – Without a video drain inspection, the method for clearing a clog also involves a certain amount of trial and error because the technician would not know what length of snake to use to reach the clog. By using the video drain inspection, he or she can more quickly find out where the clog is located and get it cleared. What this means to you is a lower bill because we spend less time spent finding and fixing the problem.

      We also offer video drain inspections for the purpose of inspecting lines to determine what kind of shape they are in. We can do this for your home, your business or even as part of your due diligence inspection on a property you are looking to purchase. We offer video drain inspections in the Huntersville, NC area. For professional quality service you can depend on, give us a call.